Michael Sherman

Artist's Resume

Michael is from Columbus, OH, and is currently living in New York and London.  He has been teaching painting at the Art Academy of London, England.
“I am a full time painter interested in making highly crafted and unique portraits of the landscape”
This exhibition, “Places”,  is two groups of work; the first, the portrait landscapes and the second, the isolated objects within those landscapes.  Michael’s landscapes start with the shape or general silhouette and then he figures out the specific character of that shape, working from outside in and from general to specific.

BFA, Rhode Island School of Design

Grants and Awards:
Chashame Residency, New York
National Academy Museum and School of Fine Arts, New York
Edwin Austen Abbey Mural Workshop Residency and Grant
Elizabeth Greenshields Foundation Grant, Quebec, Canada
Greater Columbus Arts Council Grant, Columbus, OH

2013   “Places”, Art Access Gallery, Columbus, OH
            Alexandria Museum of Art, Louisiana, group show
            “Might Be Love”, MIT Art, Basel, Switzerland
2012 “Open LPMG”, London, England
2011 “Tree Screens”, Donnel Windows, Chashame Art Space, New York
            “The Modern Landscape”, Dacia Gallery, New York
2010 “Brooklyn Utopias”, Brooklyn Historical Society, New York
2008 “Project Space”, Oillon Gallery, New York
            “Location Location”, Art Access Gallery, Columbus, OH


ARTWORK: Landscape

Prices range from $500 to $4,000.

Image (click to enlarge) Number Title Size Media Show Opening
SHE 101 Aerial View 12x60" Watercolor 8/2/13
SHE 102 Aerial View (Seville) 22x15" Watercolor 8/2/13
SHE 103 Basketball Monument 22x15" Watercolor 8/2/13
SHE 104 Cylinder Building (London) 9x22" Watercolor 8/2/13
SHE 105 Lift (Venice) 15x22" Sumi ink on paper 8/2/13
SHE 106 Maine 7x22" Watercolor 8/2/13
SHE 107 Palms (Before) 15x22" Watercolor 8/2/13
SHE 108 Untitled (Bordeaux) 15x22" Watercolor 8/2/13
SHE 109 Untitled (Bordeaux) 22x15" Watercolor 8/2/13
SHE 110 Venice 9x12" Watercolor 8/2/13


Art Access Gallery, 540 South Drexel Avenue, Bexley, OH 43209

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