Jennifer L. Rosengarten


About Jennifer

Jennifer has been drawing since she can remember and painting not long after. Jennifer graduated from Wright State University with a major in Fine Arts in 1989, studying there with David Leach and Diane Fitch among others. From there she went to the Artist Residency Program at Vermont Studio School studying with Bernard Chaet and Wolf Kahn before heading to Boston University, with a full fellowship, to study painting. At BU she worked with John Moore, John Walker, and nkAnne Harris, and. She completed her MFA in 1993, and upon graduating she was awarded the prestigious Esther B. Kahn Career Entry Award. She has shown her work in several galleries on the east and west coast including Hera Gallery and the Native Gallery in Providence, RI, the Munson Gallery in Santa Fe, NM and the Eclectic Gallery in Gig Harbor, WA. In addition, Jennifer has shown her work on a number of college and university campuses including Earlham College and Brown University. Her home and studio are located in Yellow Springs, OH. Her work is in many public and private collections across the country. Recently she has looked to gardens and ponds as a means to explore how a sense of place is evocative of mood, memory and transition.

My work is a visceral and intuitive process of responding to my subject until the surface reveals shifting glimpses of both light and space. Opposing tensions intrigue me: energy and enervation, light and dark, the seen and unseen, the flatness of the surface and its counterpoint—deep illusionistic space, opacity and transparency, geometry and chaos. It is a layering of experiences—perceived, remembered, and imagined through color and line; all the while interacting with the evolving nature of the work itself, thus revealing unexpected complexity and nuance.