Julie Abijanac

About John

1981 BS Degree– Commercial Photography, Brooks Institute of Photography, Santa Barbara, CA
1978 A.S Degree Graphic Design, Mt.San Jacinto College, San Jacinto, CA

Since 1981 I’ve been creating art that stirs the emotions of the viewer. As I’ve grown as an artist, my work has become more of an expression of my soul.
A conversation with his mother sparked the sculpted dresses.
Shaped like a dressmaker’s form, the resin torso and arms serve as the base structure. “I hand-form the skirt out of hardware cloth, reinforce it with steel and lay fiberglass on it. Everything is attached with rivets.” He employs two assistants who, in addition to more creative duties, help with prep work, such as smashing about 5,000 bottle caps for a junior-size dress. Dresses for outdoor spaces are made with durable materials, including industrial rubber, aluminum flashing and roofing tiles.