Kathy Cousart

About Kathy

Painting daily from her carriage house studio surrounded by historic gardens, Kathy Cousart’s work is inspired by light, color relationships and beautiful movement. Nature and everyday happenings are influences as those elements are woven into strongly designed compositions that touch others. A former Golf Coach at UGA and married to a PGA Professional, Kathy built upon that belief of learning solid fundamentals in art just like golf and worked tirelessly for years to attain that. Always a creative soul, Cousart found her love of painting through her close connection with nature and especially gardens. Kathy also knows that painting came to her when it was supposed to. Painting was a place to escape to and find peace while caring for her Mother with severe dementia the last 10 years. She now knows that finding that peace in the paint is a gift for her to share and pass on to others.

Kathy began her art education by mentoring for years under Master Painter Jim Richards and studying under many nationally known teachers at intensive advanced workshops. Her early artistic training was focused on the classical and representational including painting plein air but it has always been Kathy’s natural instinct to depict the surroundings in abstract forms. No matter what Cousart is painting, most of the paintings evolve as an intuitive reaction to her surroundings, be it interior space, inner space, or landscape.

Using painterly gesture and an internal sense of color to evoke this kind of sensory memory in her work, Cousart applies many layers of her own custom mixed paint. There’s a depth and history there as traces of previous layers will remain visible, allowing colors to interact in ways that are spontaneous and joyful. Kathy’s compositions develop through a series of decisions that are both conscious and unconscious with those all important fundamentals ever present. With great respect and sensitivity to these evolving colors and shapes, Kathy Cousart’s very personal abstract language emerges. Her paintings are an ongoing process of addition and subtraction until everything on the canvas co-exists with a depth and intensity that seems balanced with a harmonious sense of peace.